Sketch Master 2 - My Cartoon Brighten Yourself Portrait Photo App Reviews

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I love this app

The best one I have found yet

Great but crashes

Love this app but you have to have patience due to constant crashes. Using iPhone X with latest iOS but still having issues. Amazing results with finished products!

Crashes constantly - very annoying

This seems like an interesting app but it doesn’t stay up long enough for me to do much with it. Maybe I’ll try it again after they get the bugs worked out.


Good basic and stable program with reliability in the performance.

Crashed continuously!!

I didn't even have the opportunity to really try this app out as it constantly crashed while I was applying the very first affects to the original picture. I never even got to try out a second a fact because the app would crash again! I tried playing with this app for approximately 20 minutes before I finally gave up and within that short period of time, the app crashed at least 15 times! I can't even say whether the app was fun or worthwhile or effective because of the crashing. This was a very unfortunate effect of the app that kept me from enjoying it.

Don't bother

Very annoying. This app crashes in the middle of altering a photo. Just when you think you are done and click the check mark it crashes and the pic is lost. Grrrrrr

My Love For My Apps!!!

I've honestly really been in love with this picture sketch app so I'm going to always keep it on my phone always and forever because it's FUN & AWESOME SO IT'S GETTING 5 STARS❣️❤️️❣️❤️️❣️❤️️❣️

I'm a graphist

its very nice, very cool , very awesome. I love it **********

Love it!

Just wish I could get the red circle with the 1 in it to go away!!!

Sketch master 2

My favorite



Great free version

There is a red circle with a 1 inside it, on my app icon. This seems to be a message, but can't clear it. Other than that I've had fun so far.


Love it

Great App!

I like it a lot and I does every a lot of neat things for free without having to upgrade. It is a must to try it out.

The best

Love this app

Sketch master 2

Good but lacking information

Fast and Useful

I like apps that are simple to use, apps that don't take up too much time but deliver good results. This is my go to for photo editing.


Fun and easy to use 😎

Sketch make

Makes pictures even better.


Is good o like thank's




I love it , just need some more textures and paint effects

You like that!!!

I like that!!! This app is one of the coolest photo changing apps I have ever used.

An improvement over version 1

Great selection of sketch formats

Love this app

I recommend this app to other users

Best game

Really good


Good so far from what I have seen, still need to play around with the app a little more to decide.... made me write a review to continue. love the first app!


Good app

Great app



It is nice

Epic app





Amazing af


me like app


Love it

Makes you rate 5 stars to use.

Kind of crooked but I'd rather not pay.



This stinks

I don't like that Im forced to do this to continue

I'm just here so I don't get fined

Good from what I've seen. Made me write a review to continue


Forced good




Like the app but forced me to decide to rate it before I could official see

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